Improve Your Wireguard Server's Performance

The default MTU(Maximum Transmission Unit) is 1420 in wireguard, while the most other devices use 1496 or 1500.
Read here for more info.
Stop the wireguard interface in use:

1sudo systemctl stop [email protected]
2# or
3sudo wg-quick down wg0

Edit the wireguard config file:

1sudo vim /etc/wireguard/wg0.conf

Add MTU=1400 to the Interface section like this:

2Address =
3SaveConfig = true
4ListenPort = 51820
5MTU = 1400
6PrivateKey = xxxxxx

And start the stopped service:

1systemctl start [email protected]

Add the same for the client config.
Hope this helps.
Happy networking!

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