How to Install Golang on Manjaro

Manjaro is an attractive distro built on top of Arch.
Let's get golang development environment ready on your Manjaro machine!
You can just update the whole system packages and then simply install golang stable version provided by the Arch repository, not sure what it's called really.

1pacman -Syu
2pacman -S go
3go version

Now you have a golang engine on your machine, let's make a development environment like so:

1cd ~
2mkdir go && cd go && mkdir src && cd src && mkdir && cd && mkdir github_username && cd github_username && pwd

Then you will see an output similar to this:


Great, we are almost there, now google for the best golang extension for vim and configure your vim, then we are all set to go!
FYI, working directory inside the docker official image of golang is /go/src/app.
Happy coding Gophers! ๐Ÿ˜

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