Install pyenv to manage multiple python versions

This gist self-explains how to install pyenv and use it to manage multiple python versions on your machine

Manage virtual envs

A virtual env is where dependencies live without polluting the global space of the current python version, preventing dependency version conflicts between different projects on the same machine.
Install virtualenv package:

pip install virtualenv
virtualenv --version

It’s common that .gitignore file excludes virtual env directories named venv, env, .venv, .env, ENV in most python projects.
I prefer to use venv for the name of virtual envs. cd to the project directory and create a virtual env:

virtualenv venv
  • source venv/bin/activate - activate the virtual env
  • deactivate - deactivate the virtual env

Configure vim for python intellisense

neoclide/coc.nvim plugin is a LSP(Language Server Protocal) client for Vim. It has its own extensions ecosystem. You can get it work for python by using coc-pyright extension.
Here is my vimrc file. You may also have one :D.

Happy coding!